Caveats and Commenting

To start on a positive note I hope that this site will generate lots of discussion about the subjects I write about. Constructive criticism is always welcome and I am keen to hear what you have to say. I look forward to learning from you, so never restrain from communicating what you wish to say. That said, the Internet has become a place which is often filled with hate and personal attacks on both the author of a site or those commenting and getting involved in any discussion that is generated. This is meant to be a safe place and as such any nastiness or personal attacks will not be tolerated. I wish I didn’t have to include the following but the reality of the state of the Internet makes it a necessity.


I want to write from the heart about my experiences both with bipolar disorder and eating disorders. This inevitably means that some material may be triggering to others; I will do my best to minimise this but I will neither be able to eliminate it completely or be able to predict what will trigger others. To try and minimise triggering I will adhere to the following:

  • No numbers will be given: weight; BMI; grams of food eaten; distances walked to cheat the no movement system; miles ran before treatment or any other numerical sporting reference such as the time spent in the gym; how long you have been ill, the litres of water drunk to be heavier on weigh in day or the number of grams or kilos lost, the length of time on a feeding tube. No numbers, end of.
  • No discussion of drugs taken, quantities prescribed or the effect they have.
  • No direct descriptions of how to self harm, purge or commit suicide.
  • No discussion of a particular hospital or clinic be it positive or negative. As everybody’s experience is different I strongly feel that both a service and its members of staff’s anonymity should be preserved.
  • No naming of other patients, they too deserve anonymity.


In terms of commenting I would also advise that you stick not just to the above but the following as well.


  • Do not include any triggering material be it by words, numbers or photographs.
  • Do not use derogatory terms to refer to people with mental illness.
  • Please refrain from swearing. If you can’t express yourself politely maybe consider whether you should be posting at all.
  • No competition, particularly in reference to the list above.
  • No arguments or name calling. Such discussion should take place as a private conversation; I will not tolerate negativity or nastiness on my site.
  • No rudeness.
  • No upset to others.
  • Long debates, these too should be take place away from the site.


Essentially don’t write something you would not want to read if it was directed at you, or have the courage to say directly to someone’s face. It is all too easy to hide behind a computer screen and thus behave in a way you wouldn’t normally. Be mindful, kind and attentive.


If I feel that a discussions are overwhelming negative, nasty or argumentative they will be deleted and the authors blocked if necessary.


Hopefully there will have been no need for me to include this page and this site will be a positive and supporting environment.